Information on a Psychonaut 

To many, the word psychonaut sounds quite cool. A psychonaut is a person who is particularly committed to study the uniqueness in the state of mind and the possibilities that are likely to exist outside the mind. It is particularly applied to the scientists who are doing some research on a similar subject. It is possible for someone to be a psychonaut at home especially when they are trying to understand clairvoyance. It is also a knowledge that is particularly applied by the people who are trying to study magick spell. This article therefore describes what a psychonaut is and instances where the word is applied.

The word psychonaut is formed from a combination of Greek words. It actually comes from the word psyche, which is particularly used to mean a spirit or mind. Nautes is the second word that is particularly used to mean a navigator. It can therefore be considered true to say that a psychonaut is a person who loves to navigate and explore through the minds of other people. They are also interested in navigating their minds. These people are particularly interested in navigating the other states of existence. They are actually able to do this through their spirit or mind. The spirit and the mind are actually used as means of travel.

Some authors also used this word in the seventies to describe what other people were doing with the psychedelic drugs. There were some people who were using this drug to try and push the boundaries of consciousness. The word was therefore used to describe the people who were using hallucinogens as a way of expanding their states of consciousness. The word was therefore tied to the people who were experimenting on the hallucinogens. However see details ,the word is quite useful to be tied to such information.

The word was later provided with a broader definition. It was referred to as the study and exploration of consciousness and how the states of consciousness can be altered. This word therefore carries a lot of meaning to the people who are always pursuing information that is particularly based on mystical territories. These people are also interested in learning whether there are other senses that exist besides the five common ones. They seek methods that can increase their awareness and knowledge. They are also interested in learning psychic connections that exist between the living and the ones that have already passed on.